Thank You Lubbock

John Frullo

Dear Friends,
It is an honor to serve you in the Texas House of Representatives. I'm proud to say during the 84th Legislative Session we addressed a number core issues ranging from education and transportation to job creation and government transparency. With the work and initiatives we accomplished, Texas will continue to lead the way.
I'm happy to report the Legislature kept its commitment to fiscal discipline by passing a balanced budget for 2016-2017 that grows less than 2 percent per year and still allows for almost $4 billion in tax relief. We put additional resources into public education, higher education, transportation, and border security while still leaving $11 billion in the Rainy Day Fund. We did all this and still passed a budget that was $3 billion under the spending cap.
We took great strides to ensure the protection of our Second Amendment rights by passing legislation for Open Carry and Campus Carry, and made important education reforms that broaden the accountability system used to evaluate schools and limit the role of standardized testing. The Legislature also adopted the Clergy Protection Act which protects the liberties and rights of our pastors and clergy.
We addressed an important issue I’ve been working on for several sessions, the fight against human trafficking. One of my bills, HB 1793 strengthens the tools law enforcement have to recover missing children who are at a high risk of becoming victims of trafficking. This session, border security was also beefed up by allocating more than $800 million to that effort to protect our borders.
We had a very productive session and addressed a number of pressing issues in the state. Over the next few months I will be visiting with various groups and constituents to discuss the 84th Legislative session. If I can be of service to you, or you want to discuss any particular legislation, give my office a call. It’s an honor to serve you!


John M. Frullo
State Representative, District 84

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