HB 13
Creates increased efficiency and transparency within state retirement systems

HB 677
Ensures an appropriate balance of regulations and safety measures for dams across the state

HB 1678
Allows surviving spouses of disabled veterans to obtain a specialty license plate for the same cost as the disabled veteran plate

HB 2127
Expands state benefits coverage to certain employees of public institutions of higher education

HB 2268
Allows law enforcement and prosecutors to obtain evidence across state lines and creates strong privacy laws for protection of your emails

HB 2636
Allows the transfer of money from one tax increment fund to another providing increased flexibility for local entities

HB 2637
Increases the penalty for sex offenders who have been found in court to have or attempted to have used someone else’s identity

HB 2725
Encourages shelters for victims of human trafficking by providing minimum standards for these facilities and creates important confidentiality provisions for victims


SB 299
Clarifies that failure to conceal a handgun is only illegal when gun is displayed in plain view of another person in a public place

SB 512
Clarifies functions of the Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program; increases efficiency

SB 696
Clarifies rules governing the Lubbock Reese Redevelopment Authority

SB 742
Improves reporting requirements for the attempted abduction of children and missing children who often fall victim to human trafficking

SB 809
Repeals unnecessary rules and laws at the Public Utilities Commission; increases efficiency

SB 1457
Ensures proper maintenance related to health and safety issues are addressed at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Texas School for the Deaf and streamlines maintenance functions


HB 2
2nd-called session increased safety regulations for abortion facilities and stopped abortions after 5 months
HB 4
Funding for the State Water Plan
HB 78
Exempts all precious metal coins and bullion from sales-and-use-taxes
HB 97
Grants a partially disabled veteran a tax exemption on part of the appraised value of his home if the home was donated by a charitable organization
HB 150
Requires flags to be flown at half-staff at the Capitol building to honor service members from Texas who are killed in action
HB 220
Adds convictions or plea agreements for continuous non-sexual physical abuse to the list of offenses for which sentences can be served consecutively
HB 500
Makes a variety of changes to the state franchise tax; cuts taxes
HB 773
Requires open-enrollment charter schools to have students recite pledges of allegiance to the U.S. and Texas flags each day, followed by a moment of silence
HB 912
Requires the Dept. of Public Safety to create rules limiting the use of photography by drones
HB 1009
Allows school districts in Texas to classify and certify certain faculty members as School Marshals
HB 1228
Reduces the burden of proof needed to terminate the parental rights of an offender whose sexual assault of another resulted in a pregnancy
Continues the Human Trafficking Task Force
HB 3520
Designates a portion of Highway 75 in Dallas as the George W. Bush Expressway
HB 3677
Creates a specialty license plate for the Foundation School Fund. Deposits proceeds from plate into fund