Legislation Authored or Joint Authored by Representative Frullo

HB 1000  Creates a distribution system for the national research university fund. This is very important for Texas Tech University.

HB 1300 Authorizes private contributions & partnerships for projects in our parks. Saves taxpayers money.

HB 1781 Reduces obsolete or redundant reporting requirements.

HB 2295 Clarifies the Law related to the Universal Service Fee.

HB 2769 Authorizes the Facilities Commission to receive grants and gifts.

HB 3580 Creates a specialty license plate for surviving spouses of disabled veterans.

HB 3746 (Alicia’s Law) Gives law enforcement necessary tools to combat the trafficking of child pornography.

Legislation Sponsored or Co-sponsored by Representative Frullo in the House

SB 14 (Voter ID ) Requires photo identification for voting.

SB 24 Increases penalties for human trafficking.

SB 398 Clean-up legislation related to the Lubbock County Hospital District.

SB 422 Saves taxpayers money by consolidating the collection of assessments.

SB 577 Saves time and money to allow facsimile signature for various municipal liens

and contracts.

SB 1150  Requires certain non-ERCOT utilities to comply with energy efficiency goals.

Legislation Co-authored by Representative Frullo

HB 8 Creates property owners’ protection from private transfer fees.

HB 11 Increases reporting requirements for the distribution of alcoholic beverages.

HB 15 (Sonogram Bill) Requires a sonogram before obtaining an abortion as part of the informed consent process.

HB 274 (Loser Pay) Minimizes the potential for frivolous lawsuits.

HB 335 Requires agencies to submit reports to the Legislature outlining the effects of reforms required by the Federal Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act before any implementation.

HB 1353  Authorizes 75 -mph speed limit in certain areas.

HB 1607  Which ended up in SB 1068 authorizes the state to lease state parking spaces.

HB 2903  Promotes PACE (program for all-inclusive care for the elderly) as an important long-term care option in Medicaid.

HJR 109  Constitutional amendment to direct the General Land Office to transfer funds to the Available School Fund.

Alicia’s Law

A major accomplishment of the 82nd legislative session was the unanimous passage of HB 3746, otherwise known as Alicia’s Law. The bill, my biggest initiative of the session, gives the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces administrative subpoena power to combat child pornography and sexual abuse. Alicia’s Law was named after Alicia Kozakeiwicz, who, at age 13, was contacted by a predator through the internet, abducted, and held for four days in a basement where she was tortured. These crimes are the fastest-growing class of crimes in our country. The Department of Justice identified more than 30,000 individual computers in Texas as trafficking in sadistic images of children being raped and tortured. This must stop; we must give our law enforcement the tools they need to go after these predators!

Key Conservative Initiatives

The Legislature passed several key conservative initiatives during the 82nd Legislative Session. One of those was SB 14, otherwise known as the Voter ID bill. This bill was very important to protect the integrity of the election process by addressing voting requirements, including presenting a form of photo identification to vote. HB 15 was another key issue, requiring a sonogram before obtaining an abortion as part of the informed consent process, except in the case of a medical emergency. Life is precious, and HB 15 will ensure women receive complete information before making a life-changing decision. We addressed lawsuit abuse by passing HB 274 to help reduce frivolous lawsuits and expedite legitimate ones. Frivolous lawsuits threaten the health of our businesses across the state. We want laws that promote a friendly business environment in Texas.

2nd Amendment Rights

Several bills were introduced this session related to our 2nd Amendment rights. We passed SB 321, allowing those with concealed handgun licenses to store handguns in vehicles in workplace parking lots. Our constitutional rights have been under attack, and we must do all we can to protect them. We will continue to ensure Texans maintain the freedom we’ve been given since the birth of this great nation.

Tier-One Status for Texas Tech University

I joint-authored HB 1000, which creates a distribution system for the National Research University Fund, a very important bill for Texas Tech University. This will facilitate greater research opportunities for students and recognition of the universities in Texas that are making great strides in various research areas.

Government Efficiency

When I was elected, it was a priority to look for ways to save taxpayer dollars. I sponsored several bills to help the City of Lubbock save money and increase efficiency, SB 577 and SB 422. I joint-authored several pieces of legislation that help state agencies save money by allowing everything from the leasing of state parking spaces which ended up SB 1068, allowing private contributions and partnerships for projects in our state parks, HB 1300, and giving the Facilities Commission the ability to accept grants and gifts, HB 2769. In addition, HB 1781 will do away with redundant and obsolete reporting requirements for state agencies. It is a privilege sitting on the Committee on Government Reform and Efficiency. We look at various ideas to ensure your taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently.

Support for Veterans

We are all deeply grateful for our veterans and the price they pay to protect our freedom and security. I authored HB 3580 to create a specialty license plate for surviving spouses of disabled veterans. We also passed SB 516, extending the ad valorem tax exemption for disabled veterans to their surviving spouses. Let’s all continue to find ways to support our veterans.