84th Session - 2015


Always working to move the ball forward on important legislation to protect life and liberty!

SB 2065 protects the religious freedom rights of clergy, ministers, pastors, and churches in Texas. The bill ensures that the government may not force a pastor, a clergy member, or a church to perform a marriage or related ceremony that would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. HB 3994 reforms the judicial bypass process for minors seeking abortions. These reforms will protect and strengthen parents’ rights while increasing oversight of the bypass process. HB 3074 is another crucial bill passed by the House, it addresses the end of life issues and requires artificial hydration and nutrition to be provided to patients in the natural process of death. We also addressed a confusing patchwork of local knife laws. HB 905 brought much needed uniformity across the state so that knife rights are protected. For this work, I was very honored to receive the prestigious national Knife Rights’ 2015 Freedom’s Edge Award in recognition of successful passage of HB 905.

Frullo’s Bills of the 84th Session


• HB 905 Eliminates the patchwork of confusing local knife laws
• HB 1535 Streamlines the electricity ratemaking process to reduce legal costs
• HB 1793 Strengthens the tools law enforcement have to recover missing children
• HB 3028 Prohibits dishonest business practices in the discount healthcare industry
• HB 168 Allows Distinguished Flying Cross medal recipients to be exempt from state and local parking meters
• HB 188 Continues the Human Trafficking Task Force
• HB 1447 Provides more protection for victims of continuous human trafficking
• HB 2145 Establishes a provisional license for insurance agents, allowing the agents to begin work while their license is being processed
• HB 2290 Designates January as the Human Trafficking Prevention Month
• HB 2291 Enhances the penalty for repeat child pornography offenders
• HB 2813 Requires certain Texas health benefit plans to cover an annual blood test for early detection of ovarian cancer
• HB 3823 Changes the PACE (program for all-inclusive care for the elderly) reimbursement methodology to ensure program sustainability


• SB 473 Enhances the protection for gun owners who carry ᴀrearms listed on the National Firearm Act
• SB 724 Exempts a school district or public agency from certain motor vehicle sales and use tax
• SB 783 Requires the Department of Insurance to develop an antifraud program
• SB 784 Streamlines the data collection at the Department of Insurance
• SB 876 Modernizes the insurance agent licensing process
• SB 907 Updates the Texas Tech University System statute
• SB 988 (Holly Combs Act)Allows the Texas Funeral Commission to hold bad actors accountable for violating the law
• SB 1008 Provides certain insurance companies with additional investment options
• SB 1196 Creates rules related to guaranteed investment contracts
• SB 2065 Provides legal protections for clergy members and church employees who declined to perform marriages that were against their sincerely held religious beliefs


• HB 11 Increases the number of troops stationed on the border and enhances penalties for human smuggling
• HB 21 Streamlines the process for terminally ill patients to receive investigational drugs
• HB 910 (Open Carry) Allows concealed handgun license holders to openly carry handguns
• HB 1180 Provides parents more information about potentially unsafe child care facilities
• HB 1492 Improves the fairness and transparency in asbestos or silica personal injury lawsuits
• HB 1690 Establishes a more fair process for investigating and prosecuting elected officials
• HB 2186 Requires employees of school districts that offered a suicide prevention training program to complete this training at least once annually
• HB 2794 Streamlines the process for victims of identification abuse to obtain a delayed birth certificate
• HB 3074 Reforms laws related to end-of-life care
• HB 3994 Improves the protection for minors by reforming the judicial bypass system