Frullo Appointed to Committee to Address the Abuse and Neglect of Texas Children


Austin – Speaker Joe Straus announced a new committee to address the abuse and neglect of Texas children. The House Select Committee on Child Protection is charged with studying the incidents of abuse and neglect fatalities in Texas and making recommendations to protect Texas children. In fiscal year, 2013, 156 Texas children died as a result of abuse and neglect.

"Representative Frullo is an outstanding representative for West Texas who will provide a valuable perspective on this committee," Speaker Straus said. "He has been a leader within the House on child-protection issues over the last several years, and this appointment gives him another opportunity to continue that very important work."

Representative Frullo has served on the Committee on Human Trafficking and has passed major legislation to protect children, Alicia’s law and HB 2268. These bills give law enforcement the tools they need to go after those abusing children. His appointment to this new committee will be a continuation of that work as the committee takes a deeper look at what is happening in the foster care homes across the state, assess the efficacy of ongoing prevention efforts, and makes suggestions for improvement.

Representative Frullo said, "I want to thank the Speaker for continuing to put his trust in me and appoint me to this important committee. It grieves me to know that the children of this state are suffering abuse and neglect. Through my work on the human trafficking committee, I have seen firsthand how abuse is so devastating to a child and I look forward working with the committee to find ways to prevent these horrible things from happening!