Frullo Supports Nativity Scene Project at the Texas State Capitol


Austin – Today a nativity scene was unveiled at the State Capitol honoring the birth of Christ in celebration of Christmas. The display was funded by private citizens as a part of the American Nativity Scene Committee and sponsored by State Representative John Frullo (R-Lubbock).

Representative Frullo said, “I sponsored this project at the State Capitol because I believe citizens want to celebrate their faith and the heritage of Christmas. The Nativity Scene has been weaved into the deep fabric of this nation and represents faith, hope and the story of God’s love.”

The nativity scene featuring figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus is a constitutionally protected expression of faith and the observance of Christmas by private citizens in a traditional public forum. According to the Thomas More Society, the American Nativity Scene Committee has brought nativity scenes to national prominence since the Christmas display is planned and paid for without government participation or endorsement. The Nativity Scene Committee was founded by Jim Finnegan of Illinois.