House Budget is Good for West Texas

April 24th, 2015

Representatives John Frullo and Dustin Burrows offer the following joint statement regarding the Texas House of Representatives' proposed budget:
"The House budget is good for West Texas and prioritizes items such as Public Education, Higher Education and Transportation.
"The House budget fully funds public education for the increase in population in our public school system and adjusts for inflation. It goes further and puts an additional $2.2 Billion into the formula, which fully restores and exceeds previous 2011 cuts. Furthermore, it sets aside an additional $800 Million to address the school funding formula to find 'equity' amongst the various districts.
"The House budget increases state funding to Texas Tech University by almost 5%. In addition, it puts $67.5 Million into the Texas Research Incentive Program and $11 Million into the Governor's Research Initiative that aims to attract top researchers to our public universities. These efforts will assist Texas Tech in its pursuit of Tier 1 status.
"The House budget also increases funding for maintaining and building new roads by funding the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) in the amount of $24.8 Billion for the next biennium, only $2.2 Billion (8.8% of their full budget) from general revenue funding. Most notably, it ends the gas tax diversion which will add an additional $1.3 Billion in gas tax revenue for this purpose. We believe this will provide TXDOT with the resources it needs to maintain and build the infrastructure we need in West Texas.
"Finally, the House budget leaves room for billions of dollars in tax relief for the people of Texas. We are still working with the Senate on the exact amount and the specific taxes that are cut, but the initial House budget accounts for $4.9 Billion in savings."